SplineTrackMaker 1.2j and MMtools 2.0a

New version of tools pack.

News in SplineTrackMaker:

+ Bugs fixed
+ Improved  decals tool

MMtools 2.0a

SPLines from objects
SPLines from objects

+ Align:   fixed bugs;  Can align  objects
+ Random Tool : New UI and better code.
+ Path Objects:  Can position objects along a line at a distance.
+UV from surface: Can copy UV mapping from  a background surface.
+Splines from objects: Can create lines from a  array of objects.
+ArrayTool: Can create arrays  of objects to apply a path deform.
+Boolean tool: Cut (by a line or object) ; Union (Attach); Interception (Create  decal ).
+Pivot tool:  Manage  pivot position.
+Node/Group tools: Attach; Attach&weld; ResetXform; Weld. Selection Clipboard.
+Points Clipboard:

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