Sweep Tool Pro

This tool create a Sweep modifier to extrude a cross-section along a spline.

[ Pick a MMSweep+ ]: Pick a existing Sweep Tool object. RMB ( right Mouse Button ) Pick selected object.
[ Update ]: Update Current Sweep Tool object parameters.
[ Auto ]: Turn on/off Auto update parameters. Any change you do will see in the viewer.
[ Add Edit Poly modifier ]: Add/Remove a Edit poly modifier to stack.

Sweep Parameters

XoffSet: Sweep X Offset.
ZoffSet: Sweep Y Offset
[ Flip ]: Sweep Mirror on XY Plane.
[ Mirror ]: Sweep Mirror on XZ Plane.

Batch job

Allows you to apply the current sweep to selected splines.
[] Detach splines: Detach all splines with multi splines. Needed for mapping.
[] Clone before: Clone splines before create Sweep.
[ Apply to Splines ]: Create a sweep to selected Splines with current settings.
[ Collapse Stack+ ]: Collapse selected objects. RMB Collapse and convert to mesh.
[ Reverse ]: Reverse the current path line.

Path line / Cross-section

To create a Sweep tool stack pick path spline and a cross-section shape.

Path line

[] Clone line: Clone spline before picked.
[] Interp. Steps: Set interpolation steps to spline.
[ Pick path line ]: Pick a spline to use as path line of sweep.
[ Reverse ]: Reverse Path line

Cross-section shape

[] Interp. Steps: Set interpolation steps to spline.
[ Pick shape ]: Pick a spline to use as cross-section shape.
[S]: Select shape.
[ Shapes browser… ]: Open Shapes browser window. Look below for more details.
[ Spline # ]: Select the line number of shape. When the cross-section have more than one line here can select the line number for mapping calcs.
[First]: Set Cross-section pivot to first point.
[Center]: Set Cross-section pivot to center of shape.
[Last]: Set Cross-section pivot to last point.

Shapes Browser

Select shape

Filter: Can filter by set a Prefix and Suffix.

Cross-section shapes: List of objects shapes to pick.

Look in

Current Scene: Look shapes objects in current scene.
MAX file: Look shapes objects in external MAX files.



Horizontal | Vertical: Define bitmap orientation.
Width, Height: Set bitmap dimensions.
Strips: Number of strips of bitmap division. Strips orientation is the same of bitmap.
Select strip: Set the strip number for mapping.
U offset, V offset: Fine adjustment for strip.
[] Force Full mapping: When set not allow map breaks, great for circular mapping.


[] Use material from editor: Get material from Compact Material Editor.
Slot: Material editor slot number.
Material ID: Set the material ID

Random UV

Randomizes UV coordinates of selected objects.

If want this script please do a paypal donation of minimum 20€.

After donation send an email to to ask for instructions and install files.
The scripts needs a register file to work.
After you install and try to open you get a window with your MachineID code, reply with this code (with spaces) to activate.