Move to Surface

This tool can move Points and objects to a surface very fast, It is ideal for massive jobs with large amounts of points or objects.

Surface Mesh

[G] Get the default ground mesh (TMP_GroundMesh001).
[Pick Ground Mesh] Pick a mesh as the surface.
Only editable mesh is accepted.
[S] Select current ground mesh object.
Grid status: Show if internal mesh grid is generated.
Can only move something to the surface if the grid is generated.

[ ] Create Undo: Create Undo for all operations.
[ ] Clean Undo before operation: For massive tasks can free some memory cleaning the 3ds MAX undo buffer.
[ ] Move up before: To detect the intersection of the ray with the surface, it is convenient to ensure that the point is above the surface.
[ ] Offset distance (Z): Offset distance after surface interception.


[ ] Use selected points: Move only selected vertex/Spline Points.
[MOVE POINTS]: Move vertex/Spline Points for selected objects.


[ ] Move Pivot to bottom: Move objects pivot to bottom.
[ ] Align to surface: Align objects using normal surface.
[ ] Plugins: Move Objects using plugins.
[ MOVE OBJECTS ]: Move selected objects.

Create Ground Mesh

Can create ground mesh from selected objects.
Selected objects will be attached and welded all points.
The default name for ground mesh is TMP_GroundMesh001
[ Add selected objects ]
[ Create ground mesh ] Create the ground mesh.

Create Ground Mesh

Objects Plugins


[ ] Only selected faces: Move only objects selected faces.
[ ] Group Elements: Minimum distance to group object Elements
Element Pivot
Vertex position: Top | Center | Bottom
Position of element pivot vertex.
Max distance in Z axis: Maximum distance in Z axis to coll


FFD Dimensions: Size of FFD modifier Ex: 2x2x2
[ ] Move only bottom control Points: Can use this to glue objects to surface


Can move edges to surface.
[ ] Do loop for each edge: Do selection loop for each selected edge. Can use this to move walls.

Ray direction

Set Ray direction for interception with surface.
ges to surface.
[ ] Do loop for each edge: Do selection loop for each selected edge. Can use this to move walls.

If want this script please do a paypal donation of minimum 20€.

After donation send an email to to ask for instructions and install files.
The scripts needs a register file to work.
After you install and try to open you get a window with your MachineID code, reply with this code (with spaces) to activate.